Cottage Garden Bowls

garden_bowlsNew this year are Cottage Garden Bowls, featuring a mix of Pansies, Violas and early spring accent plants we specifically turn to for March and early April color.As you can tell by the photos, these 10 and 12-inch bowls pack a vivid punch and add personality at a time of year when fun color is hard to find.

We put a lot of thought into the design of these bowls—they aren’t filled with random plugs of leftovers. Last fall we set out to bring you an early spring product with vibrant colors, fun textures and most importantly, strong performance through cold nights, and Cottage Garden Bowls were the result.

March is the month when people want to get out of the house and see some brightness in the landscape;the weekends start to warm up, but customers are leery of the lingering chilly nights.

Our customers may be hesitant to buy right now, but the truth is that we grow frost-tolerant crops routinely. If you finish them off correctly when you grow them, you can have true spring colors very early, and they will look nice even after a light frost hits the porch.


Although each Cottage Garden Bowl has its own attitude, we discovered to our surprise that they make fast and effective landscape beds when planted together. Take a look at the photos where the bowls are bunched: you’ll see an early spring Cottage Garden that is “drop-n-go” simple to plant—and the cost is right in line with ordinary Pansy bowls of the same size.


Since we are happy with the results of our production trial, we are releasing Cottage Garden Bowls for general purchase to our readership. The photos will give you an idea of the personality these bowls exhibit, but the images don’t do them justice—you need to hold one in your hands.

We have about (100) in 10 and 12-inch bowls right now. Look for Cottage Garden Bowl if you order through our online store, but it’s better to call in—early—if you want any significant numbers reserved for you.