Fancy Azaleas for Spring

azaleasOur standard Azaleas are available in white, red, pink and purple, but we also grow out a crop of Fancy Azaleas featuring some spectacular bi-color flowers.

As you know, we like crops that stand out from the crowd, and we think each one of these Azaleas has a unique personality:


‘Jean’ sports dark rose edges on blush-white petals. We like that the edges are fluted, giving the flower some extra flair.


‘Deloose’ has a clean white edge on soft pink petals. The pink extends out from the center of the flowers while white softens the look.


‘Gloria’ is salmon pink with flecks of red in the centers of the petals. Little streaks of white run along the edges.

Best of all, these Azaleas are a superior value because their blooms last so long—they stay in color long after the holiday is over. Plus, Azaleas say “spring” as well as “Easter,” so they won’t seem dated or out-of-place during the rest of April.


These blooms are pretty large, as you can see by the hand shot, and they do a good job of covering the plant with complex whorls of color.

Fancy Azaleas are a great choice if you want your Easter decor to stand out from the same old “same-old.” As a gift to someone else, they make a statement; and as a holiday decoration in homes or businesses, they make a splash.