New Petunias for Next Year

New PetuniaWe've noticed a significant expansion in Petunia breeding over the past few years, especially with the Vegetative Petunias. It used to be they were mostly available in solids. All of a sudden, the breeders seem to have made a genetic breakthrough and we are seeing Pictoees, Stripes, Bi-colors, Multi-colors and solids all with interesting textures in them.

This is an important trend because Vegetative Petunias are extremely well suited for combination planters, containers and window boxes. No other type of Petunia works as well because the Vegatative Petunias fill their space with a lot of color without being invasive in the pot. They play very well with the other kids.

P.Blanket Purple
Blanket Purple

As homeowners continue to shift from petunias in garden beds to petunias in decor containers, this trend will only become more important. We can see the handwriting on the wall, so we are really beefing up our selection of Vegetative Petunias next year.

P.Cascadia Noble Blue
Cascadia Noble Blue

We are adding (17) different cultivars to our full line. You will have more choices in 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and hanging baskets than ever before. We aim to have a full spectrum of colors and styles in 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and hanging baskets.

P.Famous Violet Picotee
Famous Violet Picotee

We will have not just lavenders, but lavenders with white rims (Picotees), lavenders with white stripes and a watercolor purple with an interesting texture. We will have Vintage Rose, an interesting bi-color and Picasso in Pink, which is a play off of the earlier Picasso.

P.Littletunia White Grace
Littletunia White Grace

Throughout this article are photos of the new Petunia cultivars we are adding to our production. We plan to use these petunias in our own combinations, and we grow enough so that designers in the Cincinnati region can work with the same full range that we do. If you are doing anything interesting with Petunias, you will want to look through our material.

P.Supercal Neon Rose
Supercal Neon Rose

If you have an account with us, all of these Petunias are available for order right now through our Pre Order screens. If you prefer, we can also book your orders through fax or phone call. For reference, you can always use our Early Order Catalog that we released last month. It lists all the Petunias we grow in all the sizes we offer.