‘Premium Picasso’ Poinsettias

PicassoMany retailers look for something outside of the standard reds and whites that everyone sells. Those two colors are the most popular ones, but adding something different to your order will make your offerings stand out. An eye-catching display of something different really helps.

Among our Art-Style Poinsettias we’ve noticed that ‘Premium Picasso’ has developed a nice little fan base. Technically, this is a white poinsettia with red flecking, but that description barely does the plant justice.


Instead, imagine what an artist could do with a 4-inch paintbrush and a white bloom as a canvas, flicking the center with specs of red and staining the leaf margins. The higher leaves have more color than the lower ones, so the plant has a very sophisticated presentation of color.


‘Premium Picasso’ is more compact than some of the standard varieties, so it turns out to be a great choice for tabletop centerpieces or coffee table decor where you want a little drama but would like to be able to see over the top. It is a slow grower, so the plant will keep its shape and look nice throughout the season.


We like to grow it in 4.5-inch and 6.5-inch pots because we found the plant gets nice and bushy in just those sizes. ‘Premium Picasso’ looks very contemporary when dropped into a modern ceramic or a woven grapevine basket. It’s a fresh spin on the holiday classic.