Autumn Calibrachoas

calibrachoa00Calibrachoa is integral to autumn design because it offers a wide palette of available colors, loves the cooler weather, and has a habit of trailing and spilling while looking bushy and full of bloom at the same time. This is a tough trick to pull off for most plants, but not for Calibrachoa; it is the go-to choice for filling a space up and over with color.

Due to the nature of the soil around Cincinnati, Calibrachoa is used mostly as a container plant. Look for it in window boxes, deck planters, large combination pots, ceramic urns, fall planters, and both mixed and single-color hanging baskets. Attractive when presented all by itself, Calibrachoa mixes easily into both simple and complex combo plantings as well.


Calibrachoa complements fall decor like pumpkins and gourds. Since it drapes so well, arrange some inside a rustic wheelbarrow or among the spokes of an old wagon wheel—let the color spill out and over. Tuck a few inside the nooks and crannies of props or garden statuary.


Calibrachoas make perfect Pumpkin Toppers—a great holiday idea for the kids. Cut off the top of a small pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and place an upturned cup inside. Set a Calibrachoa on top of the cup and let the flowers tumble out over the top of the pumpkin—simple.


Plant a single ornamental Kale in a pot and use Calibrachoas to create a cushioned bed of color that will spill out from under it and over the side of the container. Remember: Calibrachoas in small pots are wonderfully versatile for injecting color into unexpected places.


Our 4.5-inch pots are ideal for assembling all kinds of designs, so we make it a point to carry lots of different shades in the autumn. Right now we are shipping about (19) different colors in three major series—so if you have the project, we have the selection!