Perennial Mums

Mum mainAlthough Mums are hardy technically, most of the toughness has been bred out of them in the pursuit of color. The market regards them as disposable decorations, so hardiness hasn’t been a priority with the breeders. However, there is a certain segment of the market—and we are included in that segment—that remembers the way Mums used to be: you planted them and they came back, plus they were big and bushy. For those who remember, we grow the Mammoth Mums.

These are the Mums to use when garden or landscape performance is an important part of the overall picture. Calling them strong plants is an understatement. They are hardy down to -30°F, which makes sense given that this line was developed by breeders at the University of Minnesota. When the Mums return the following year, they will come back with the same tight display of abundant blooms.

Mum Coral

Although we grow Mammoths in 8-inch pots, these are large and vigorous plants. They completely fill the pot, forming that classic Mum dome-of-color over the top. Mammoths are large enough to create a substantial hedge when you plant them close together.

Mum Yellow
‘Yellow Quill’

Reaching about two to three feet high, these plants can produce a spread of color up to four feet in diameter. They handle full to partial sun, and require no deadheading.

Mum Lavender

We sell Mammoth Mums in five colors:

  • Lavender
  • Bronze Dark
  • Red
  • Coral
  • Yellow Quill

Just a reminder—these are the Mums we planted out by the barn, next to some broken concrete where the soil is hard and clay-like. Although we ignored them for the season, they grew like champions and bloomed profusely—coming back with even more color the following year!