Early Spring 2013


Pansy Spotlight

panYes, it’s spring and yes, it’s snowing. Now you know why pansies are the backbone of early spring gardens—they shrug off this kind of weather without generating maintenance calls afterwards. When it does warm up they quickly perk up and start blooming, putting on a good show all over again.

Here’s some good advice for commercial color and for the homeowner, too: the trick is to present pansies as…well, interesting. Everyone thinks of them as good ol’ pansies, the same old-same old—“same as they ever were,” to quote a song.


The Easter Rush

Pansy-YellowClients are starting to build up their inventories for Open Houses and the general Easter traffic. Take a walk with me through the greenhouses to see some of the interesting color available to take back to your place and make it a little more special:


Pansy & Viola Trays Right Now

ViolaPansyRight about now, the season starts to get busy. It may be cool and raw on one day, but another day will bring warm and comfortable temperatures. The soil is soft and workable, and the trade is looking for early color. We have many selections available now, so let's take a tour of what we are shipping:

Pansy and viola trays—the backbone of early spring work. They are popular, flexible and durable for the weather we have in March. If you are doing a large planting, pick up some some tulips or daffodils to give the garden bed a more premium look. We also have showy varieties of pansies and violas to make a garden bed or retail bench stand out.


Some Pansy Favorites

PansyWe aim for diversity among our crops, even in the earliest part of the season when the choices can be thin. With pansies, the selection is certainly there. Take a moment to review some of our favorite varieties below. Our full list is pretty extensive—today we counted (59) different sizes and colors of pansies available and ready to ship.

Of course, we carry the standard Delta and Matrix® series to fill out landscape beds and garden benches. You’ll find that beyond the common yellow and faced pansies we have a number of other cultivars to offer as well. Here are some selections that catch our eye:


The Spiritual Side of Calibrachoas

CalibrachoaLast year we grew some gorgeous 10-inch calibrachoa baskets in mono and mixed colors. These are photos we took just as we were loading the plants into the trucks for shipment. Every year we add more production numbers to the crop, but it still sells out fast.

Heads-up to all our readers on this particular crop: if you want these absolutely stunning baskets, reserve them now. Call our office and place your order, or order them online through our store. We expect most of them to be spoken for by the time they ship.