The 2013 Summer Program

SUM-mainTake advantage of our summer crops to finish up what’s left of the spring work. Spring doesn’t end abruptly—it usually bleeds out into the summer and jobs always run short. Rather than patching a bed with leftovers or something that doesn’t work, try looking around our stock first. We sell a broad range of material throughout the summer with some depth to the inventory. It’s not spring, mind you, but we also run a robust summer business.

Spreading Petunia Patriot Mix

Of course we are selling the usual material that everyone needs, like Begonias, Petunias and Vincas. We have some pretty interesting selections in larger sizes as well—pretty unusual, pretty different or just plain pretty. That’s important, because in addition to the refresh-and-repair work there are the summer holidays to think about and the outdoor entertaining that happens throughout the season. It sounds like retail talk, but you would be surprised how much work comes through landscaping businesses.

Torenia ‘Purple Moon’

We've built our 2013 Summer Program around 8-inch pots because the larger size handles the summer heat better. Below is the material we are shipping for the early summer. You must admit, our line-up is full of personality:

  • Angelonias
  • Basil
  • Begonias
  • Celosias
  • Cleomes
  • Coleus
  • Dahlias
  • Euphorbias
  • Evolvulus
  • Gazanias
  • Ipomeas
  • Lantanas
  • Lobularias
  • Marigolds
  • Melampodiums
  • Millet
  • Ornamental Peppers
  • Spreading Petunias
  • Vegetative Petunias
  • Salvias
  • Scaevolas
  • Sunflowers
  • Torenias
  • Vincas
  • Zinnias

Cyperus ‘King Tut’

We are also offering Grasses and Tropicals in 1G pots. Grasses consist of a number of Cyperus, Juncus and Pennisetums while Tropical selections include Alocasias, Cannas and Musas.

Musa ‘Siam Ruby’

Bear in mind we still offer smaller pot sizes, a full range of trays and even a good mix of hanging baskets, specifically grown for the summer. If you need material in the next few months and want fresh crops that will last the season, call us with your order or stop by our place to view what we have in stock.

Ipomea ‘Blackie’