Sneak Peek: Holiday Greens

We’ve expanded our holiday line recently to include fresh greenery. Handcrafted wreaths and arrangements will be available this year—as well as classic roping—for all your seasonal decorating projects. Here’s a preview of what’s new:



Our wreaths are handmade in Ohio from Canaan fir, which is a short-needled variety. Each one measures 20–24 inches around the outside and is decorated with a large red bow, red berry sprigs, and pinecones. These wreaths are very fresh; they will easily last until Christmas and have been known to last all the way to February—although we don’t suggest you leave one up that long. 



What would a holiday display be without roping? It ties everything together—pardon the pun. Ours is thick and lush; it’s made from white pine and is tightly bound. Each 25-foot length weighs 8–10 pounds—nearly double the weight of a similar length of average roping.



Mixed greens include white pine, Canaan fir, and concolor fir (also known as white fir), decorated with pinecones and a red berry sprig. They come in a galvanized pot that is decorated as well, with a rustic rope bow. This selection measures 14 inches across the top and is 16 inches high, from the bottom of the pot to the top of the arrangement.



The top of a fir tree is the backbone of this arrangement, surrounded by mixed greens at the base. It comes in a deco patio pot, adorned with pinecones, a large frosted red berry sprig, and a seasonal red bow. Those spirals aren’t glittery red juncus grass—they’re ting-tings…you learn something new every day. From the bottom to the top, this selection measures 36 inches; it’s 24 inches wide. 

When we say fresh, we mean it. All branches are newly cut from local firs in central Ohio at the time each arrangement is made…and since that smell is all that you’re thinking about now, you might as well start sketching out your holiday designs today.