Autumn 2014


Superbells Calibrachoa for Fall Décor

Superbells-mainLast week we talked about petunias for early autumn décor and calibrachoa is right there beside them at the top of the color chart. Sometimes it would be nice to have that petunia look in the fall with a smaller flower and a pretty trailing habit, and that’s when we turn to calibrachoa. For its sheer abundance of blooms and intense, vibrant colors we grow the Superbells series—a single plant can provide hundreds of small, petunia-like flowers. We have a good variety of warm harvest colors to help transition from summer to autumn décor. These plants are true performers—they bounce right back after a rainstorm and even during times of stress they retain their fullness and remain compact.


Potunia Petunias for Autumn

PP-MainPetunias are at the top of the color charts right now and they’re popular for early autumn décor. Plenty of warmth is left in the season and we have many harvest colors available to replace those summer petunias that are getting tired about now. For vibrant, long-lasting color we grow the Potunia series. Along with its unique, intense colors, this series is noted for its compact, mounded habit. Plants are nicely rounded, like bubbles, making them ideal for containers. Even the tight green foliage keeps its color all season. These upright plants are simply covered with blooms; they are showy right from the get-go and do not fade in the heat of Indian summer days like some other petunia varieties.


Décor Sunflowers are Prime

SD-Miss Sunshine-00Our décor sunflowers are looking prime right now. We often talk about sunflowers this time of year—their popularity never seems to wane. These versatile plants bring plenty of cheery color to summer gardens and keep the interest going all the way into fall. We’re happy when we get more than one season of interest out of a plant, and happier still when the color is appropriate to both seasons.


Field Day Featured Speaker

Field-Day-00Monique Hakkert of Ball FloraPlant will be our featured speaker for Field Day on August 14th. She works closely with the product managers and plant breeders who develop the innovative new cultivars at Ball, so she has an excellent perspective on the new trends in plant breeding for both retail and landscape use.

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