Autumn 2014


New Ornamental Kales

Kale-00When we want to add texture and color to the fall landscape we turn to ornamental kale and ornamental cabbage—they liven up autumn beds and containers and keep the interest going right into the next season. Both are extremely cold hardy; they thrive in fall and can be left outdoors all winter. These plants actually love the cold—their colors will intensify as the mercury goes down and it’s not unheard of that they’ll look great until Thanksgiving or Christmas—even well into January, if the weather is mild enough. Plant them in full sun for the best performance. This week let’s talk about kale.


Ornamental Swiss Chard ‘Bright Yellow’

Chard-Yellow-00It’s hard to believe that it’s taken this long to think of Swiss chard as an ornamental—with such striking foliage it seems like a no-brainer. Big, glossy dark green leaves are crinkly, supplying an abundance of texture. Brightly-colored stalks add plenty of vertical interest to the autumn landscape and seasonal containers.

We grow ‘Bright Yellow’ for its glowing yellow stems and veins—they look intense against the dark green foliage. With such bold presence, it’s a vegetable that actually looks great in the front yard. Sure, you can eat it—but you’ll want to grow it for the color alone.


Ornamental Pepper ‘Pumpkin Pepper’

PumpkinPepper-00It’s that time of year…pretty soon farmers will be lugging their giant pumpkins to the annual weigh-in: a true sight to behold. On the other end of the spectrum, and equally interesting, in our opinion, is the ornamental ‘Pumpkin Pepper’. In classic Halloween fashion, the fruits on this unique pepper plant are disguised as mini pumpkins.


Ipomoea for Autumn

IPO-MainIt’s late in the season but there’s still plenty of time to add color and form to the landscape and containers with ipomoea, or sweet potato vine. This foliage accent is a fast grower and comes in colors that are just right for harvest décor and Halloween themes. It’s often thought of as the go-to background plant among container gardeners and rightly so—as a vigorous climber with heart-shaped or tapered, pointy leaves, it brings another dimension of interest to a design.


Ornamental Grasses for Fall

Grasses-MainOrnamental grasses are indispensible tools for designers and landscapers. They add form to a garden, as well as color and texture. Grasses can be used to hide or soften hard elements like buildings or pipes, to define edges or different areas of the border, or even as a hedge. Some people choose ornamental grasses simply to cut down on mowing—that’s ok, too. Remember that they’re foliage plants so they provide multiple seasons of interest, which is always a plus in our book, and they sway in the breeze, adding movement to the landscape as well. We have a variety of colors that will complement autumn décor nicely.

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