Holiday 2014


Holiday Rush


Get ahead of the holiday rush and order poinsettias now. If you are not filling up your inventory now, you should be—most of the season’s poinsettias are sold in the next four to five weeks. Here are some of our top picks for this year’s busy season:


Herbal Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days: spending time with family and friends, enjoying a hearty meal, and taking stock of all we have to be thankful for—which is a lot. Sometimes this important holiday gets all but overlooked in the run-up to Christmas, so last year we designed a special centerpiece unique to Thanksgiving—and it was a roaring success. We challenged ourselves to come up with another festive piece this year. 


Poinsettia ‘Christmas Feelings’


I’m not much for talking about my feelings but today I’ll make an exception.

For a traditional poinsettia look—with large pointed bracts in pure, brilliant colors—we grow the Christmas Feelings series in red and pink. Plants are compact and extremely uniform—two important qualities when planning holiday displays. The vivid bracts stand out against bushy dark green foliage and retain their leaf color throughout and beyond the holiday season. 


Daffodil ‘Mount Hood’

Daffodil Mount-Hood-00

Yellow. Bananas, submarines, and daffodils. 

In the landscaping business it’s easy to fall into a rut, and that happens often with daffodils. Luckily there are other color choices available and one such alternative is ‘Mount Hood’—it’s white. You’re probably familiar with its large, creamy white trumpet flowers—this variety is an industry standard. The question is: have you used it to its full potential?

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