Cuphea Sriracha Series

Sriracha violet 02
‘Sriracha Violet’

Here’s a new eye-catcher for the landscape. If you’re looking for big vibrant blooms that keep coming all through the hottest days of summer—pass the Sriracha. These plants are heat-lovers, doing justice to the sauce that inspired their name.

Notice the unusual tubular flowers. The petals look a bit like rumpled up pieces of paper, such as you might find in an abstract art project. That papery texture gives the flowers a delicate appearance; it’s hard to believe they stand up to scorching heat and drought conditions, but they do.

Sriracha pink 01
‘Sriracha Pink’ 

While the blooms are difficult to describe, the colors are pretty straightforward: they’re bright. Plus the foliage stays green; it’s dense and fills in nicely—just what designers need to perk up a sunny bed during the high heat of summer.

Sriracha violet 01
‘Sriracha Violet’

Sriracha cuphea is easy to grow in full sun to partial shade, and requires very little maintenance once it’s in the ground. You can see that the plants are a nice medium size, reaching 10–24 inches tall. They’ll spread out about 24 inches, as well. 

Sriracha pink 02
‘Sriracha Pink’ 

Hot, dry sites benefit from a dash of Sriracha, but we like to plant it en masse to douse the landscape with vivid pink and violet. Its unique texture blends easily into the garden or combination planters. Needless to say, plants in this series are intriguing enough to stand on their own in containers.

‘Sriracha Pink’ and ‘Sriracha Violet’ are available in the 4.5-inch pot.