EnduraScape™ Verbenas

EduraScape 05

Landscape performance is what the breeders were going for with the EnduraScape™ series and they succeeded. Look at these big day-glo flowers—you can spot them from across the street. We use them when we need to color up a wide-open space or fill out oversized containers.

Hard working is an understatement. EnduraScape™ verbenas keep cranking out blooms in the face of extreme heat, humidity, poor soil, and drought, from late spring all the way through fall. They can even withstand winter temps that get down into the teens and rebloom the following spring—that’s a first for verbena.

EduraScape 01

Trailing plants reach only about 8–12 inches high with a spread of about 24 inches. They’re nice and full—and covered with those eye-catching blooms, whose sweet fragrance is surprisingly subtle in light of their bold, vivid colors. Set them in full sun—other than that they’re low-maintenance.

EduraScape 00

We like to pair EnduraScape™ selections with chartreuse and lime green foliage to accentuate the vibrant blooms—ipomoea and coleus work well in this regard. Place the combination in a cement urn or in front of a gray stone wall and watch the colors pop. To rev up a tired border or window box, mix in some petunias or calibrachoa.

EduraScape 06

All of the following EnduraScape™ varieties are available in the 6-inch pot: ‘Blue’, ‘Dark Purple’, ‘Hot Pink’, ‘Lavender’, ‘Red’, and ‘White Blush’.

‘Dark Purple’, ‘Hot Pink’, ‘Red’, and ‘White Blush’ are also available in the 8-inch size.